24 Hour Charity Painting

Grim Dice Tabletop Gaming alongside the YouTube Channel Broadsword Wargaming raised £383 for Models for Heroes by Live Streaming a 24 hour painting challenge. Followers and viewers of the Facebook Live stream where able to donate to be in the draw for a prize donated by Warlord Games.

Starting at 9am on Friday 13th of November – 65 men and 1 T34 Vehicle which equates 1,000 points of Bolt Action figures were painted by Dom from Grim Dice all finished to Tabletop standard. Ollie from Broadsword Wargaming was just a few steps behind at the finish line of 9am on Saturday 14th November 2020.

Stu from Grim Dice remained on the stream with the painters for moral and comedic support. During the day, Ollie had been raising awareness and funds for our cause on his youtube channel through the day and has made a video highlighting his efforts and links to Models for Heroes.