48hours of 1/48 scale models

The Model Officers Mess facebook group turned 4 years old this week. To celebrate they pulled out the bunting and paper plates and organised a group build. Not just any group build, this one was to be completed LIVE in 48hrs of any 1/48 scale kit. Starting on Friday the 19th of March James Skiffins, owner of the Model Officers Mess AND M4H Online Volunteer kicked off proceedings with a Just Giving fundraising target of £1,000 for the weekend!

With a Streamyard studio filled with members from the facebook group well as guests throughout the 48hours. Guests, joining the modellers where numerous. ‘Stichling Scale models for vets‘ a charitable organisation echoing the Models for Heroes’ cause in the Netherlands joined the build and were often online as much as the facebook group members. Also in residence were the crew from the ‘Model Geeks‘ podcast and the ‘Plastic Posse‘ podcast. At points throughout the weekend, hundreds were watching Live on Youtube.

Peppered thought out the weekend James Skiffins had organised videos of expressing support and thanks from volunteers and beneficiaries of Models for Heroes. Al Murray kindly recorded a message of support for Models for Heroes and the fundraising rocketed up to £800 (as of 23.3.21)

At the end of the build over 48 models had been built, a strong sense of community had been established across the globe and more modellers had come together and enjoyed their hobby in spite of the Covid lockdown. Well Done to everyone who donated, took part, organised and watched. A special thank you to James Skiffins.