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James SkiffinsJames Skiffins

Acrylic Stynylez Primer suppliers.

Barwell body works

I used a metal Primer from Stynlez recently as a base coat on the !/48 Wildcat which then allows me to make the chipping effect.

To create this effect, is really easy. After laying your metal color primer down, using a sponge lightly dip it in to Humbrol Maskol or Copydex. Have a paper towel next to you to dab the sponge on to take most of the masks or copydex off. Like you would for dry brushing. Then dab the sponge on the area you want the chipping effect to be on you subject.

Once dry, paint on copy of it as normal, laying the paints and effect you are using. Once you have completed it and the paint is dry, simply rub the Maskol/Copydex off with your finger.

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