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    Malcolm ChildsMalcolm Childs

    Add photos to your posts,

    follow these steps to setup a Flickr account and post a photo.

    1. Got and click “Sign Up” in the top right.
    2. Enter your details, and click “Sign Up” at the bottom of the list.
    3. Once signed in, in the top right, click the cloud icon.
    4. You can now choose your photos from your computer or drag them in.
    5. You will then see a thumbnail selection of the photos you have uploaded.
    6. Once loaded, for each photo, on the left it will say ‘Owner settings.’  Check the box that says ‘Visible to Everyone.’ This allows the photos to be seen by everyone.
    7. Once you are happy.   Click ‘Upload Photos’ in the top right.
    8. You will then be taken to your Photostream which shows you all of your photos.  You can access the Photostream any time under “You” in the top left
    9. Click the image you want to upload and in the bottom right click the down arrow. This is the download button. You do not want the share arrow.
    10. Right click on the size of the photo you want to add. (Under 900 is good)  Click “Copy Link Address”
    11. Then go to your M4H Forum post and paste in that link. Your image will appear immediately.
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