About Us

  • Models for Heroes (M4H) is the first charitable organisation in the UK to support the use of model making hobbies within former and current Armed Forces and Emergency Service Personnel in the United Kingdom.
  • In March 2017, following a report on Models for Troops in the USA, M4H began providing instruction and resource support for a model making session as part of the Rolling Recovery Programme at Tedworth House Recovery Centre.
  • The founder of M4H, Malcolm Childs believes that the constant sacrifices made by serving friends, family and complete strangers to protect his own young family needed to be repayed in which ever way he knew how.  Being a keen model maker himself and witnessing the curative effects of the hobby.  Malcolm took it upon himself to start Models for Heroes.
  • Research into the use of crafts as an intervention activity report an increased level of happiness and social inclusion. The physical dexterity required to build the model kits challenges and promotes development of fine motor skill.  There are many more anecdotal benefits explained on our Impact and Reports page.


  1. To support former and current Armed Forces & Emergency Service personnel within the UK and overseas territories.
  2. To promote the use of model making as a therapeutic, meaningful activity.

*as written in our constitution.


M4H is a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.)  registered with Companies House No. 10855739.  Recognised as a company with “charitable purpose” by the Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs No. EW71468.  A committee of 9 Directors meet bi monthly to maintain the organisation is effective, efficient and focused on its charitable aims in accordance with its governing documents.

Donation driven

M4H would not be able to function if it wasn’t for the kindness of strangers wanting to help and provide what they can.  The majority of our model kits, tools and supplies are donated by the general public who regard model making to be therapeutic and curative. Individuals and companies raise money for us by taking part in large sponsor events and fundraising at model making exhibitions.  M4H recover GiftAid from eligible monetary donations. Any funds raised go straight to the furthering of our charitable aims as M4H is entirely ran by unpaid volunteers.


In 2020 M4H were funded £9,900 by the Community Fund of The National Lottery for the sole purpose of training 45 of our volunteers in Mental Health First Aid.


In 2021, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic M4H ran the Online Model Making project in partnership with Walking With the Wounded and funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust’s Positive Pathways programme.  M4H received £30,000 to rent premises, employ a warehouse assistant, provide model making materials in line with hobby goals.  150 veterans the chance to join online model making workshops ran by M4H Online Volunteers.  

Future Plans

  • Action valid and robust evidence-based research into model making.
  • Establish a pathway for new careers in model making.
  • Increase footprint in Scotland and with the Emergency Services across the UK.
  • Employ a volunteer manager and clinical support.

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Lined up at Tedworth House following a tour.

The M4H Team

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Impact & Reports

Read all about our achievements vs. spending and the extent of your financial support over the past year.