Grim Dice 24 Hour Challenge

Grim Dice in Grimsby organised a 24 Hour Painting challenge for three Youtubers: Ben form the Benji’s Hobbies, Josh from The Pickle Jar and Luke from Geek Gaming Scenics. The Challenge is to complete a project in 24 hours.

Both Ben and Josh painted armies and Luke completed a gaming table. All to be auctioned off at the end of the challenge to help raise more funds for M4H. There was also a raffle for the gaming board and some donated wargaming kits too that raised funds to M4H.

The watch the videos created by the chaps, follow these links:

Ben’s Necron Army:

Josh’s 24 hour 3d printed Beastmen:

Luke’s 24 hour build:

Thank you chaps for your support and giving up your time to support us.All proceeds will be donated to Models for Heroes.