We could measure our impact on the community we support by :
  • The hundreds of boxes of model kits sent out this year.
  • The thousands of hours of volunteer-led activity we have provided.
  • The hundreds of thank you letters we receive per year from not only beneficiaries but from partners and family members who see a fundamental change in their loved ones.
We are proud to be able to support our Armed Forces and Emergency Service personnel if they find model making to be a curative hobby.

Financial Report

Study our latest financial report and see at a glance the percentages of what was spent last year on charitable activity.

…that is the FIRST time he has been able to paint a model since his brain damage. 

He’s never shown the inclanation before…Well done Models for Heroes.


Partner of M4H beneficiary.

Due to my depression from my injury I had been feeling angry at the world and everything in it.   …With the aid of M4H I have been able to channel that anger.

Senior Aircraftsman, Keightley.

M4H beneficiary.

My outlook  has changed for the better, I now engage with Mental Health Support …I think I can safely say that modelling saved my life and marriage.


M4H beneficiary.

[model making] controlled and pushed aside my  crippling anxiety but also got me out of the house to model shows…  I have a drive and sense of purpose now.

Senior Aircraftsman, Gary.

M4H beneficiary.
I felt I had accomplished something which helped me a lot mentally and my fiancée noticed I seemed more positive after doing it so a big thankyou from her as well.

T. Wells

M4H beneficiary.

Since joining the M4H group I have avidly started to make models again … The help and encouragement and good natured banter really has brought me back out of myself.

Leading regulator, TONKS.

M4H Beneficiary.

We have worked with the team at Models for Heroes prior to lockdown, assisting with setting up workshops for some of our Beneficiaries. Fast forward to lockdown and they have adapted their offering to provide a tailored delivery service.

It has given vital support to our vulnerable, and during this time, isolated Veterans… in follow-up calls to the recipients they have been quite overwhelmed with their ‘care package’.

Tamika Brandon

Case Officer - RBL


We really value model making and the benefits it can have on our veterans. Thank you for your continued support, your volunteers are fantastic and help us deliver a vital recovery service.

N. Vanderpump

Help for Heroes Wales & Hereford

[the model kits] will be great for him to focus on and gives him a sense of achievement when he finishes one which he has not had for a long time since his PTSD prevents him form leaving the house.

L. Bailey

NHS Veterans Mental Health CTS

[the effects of model making] can include the lifting mood and lowering anxiety, alongside the promotion of relaxation, a relief from stress and improving concentration.

Lee Watson

SOT - Combat Stress

I have heard many reports from veterans who make models as a distraction and time out from daily worries, ruminations, anxieties. Thank you for your part in their recovery, and the act of completion which model making brings, a sense of achievement with a lasting reminder, which they may keep.

Helen Lowry

Psychotherapist - Veterans Outreach Support

The activity of model making has numerous therapeutic benefits for the veterans at Combat Stress, aiding their well-being and recovery.

L. Watson

Senior Occupational Therapist - Combat Stress

I just wanted to email you to say how happy one my clients have been with your service. He was over the moon with the amount he was given and the quality of the items.

Lee Bailey

NHS Complex Treatment Service

Financial Report:  July 2019 – July 2020

Income breakdown…

The National Lottery
£ 1090
Includes fundraising events, cash donations, kits donated
£ 5600
The National Lottery Community Fund, awarded March 2020
£ 1800
Includes merchandise sales

Expenditure breakdown…

Charitable activity
Volunteer MHFA training
£ 1090
Includes model making consumables, kits dispatched, storage & expenses
£ 5600
Includes legal, professional, administrative costs
£ 1800
Includes merchandise & postage
£ 160
The National Lottery Community Fund
Our latest published financial report can be found on the Companies House website under our Company Number 10855739. Part of upholding the Fundraising Code of Practice is publishing a clear display of income for potential and current donors.  This includes demonstrating a clear view of the percentages of the following:
  • What is used for administration purposes, (21%)
  • What is used to help our beneficiaries, (70%)
In Summary, for every £1 we raise 70p goes to providing meaningful activities to former and current armed forces and emergency service personnel.
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