Isolation Relief

Models for Heroes have been extremely busy during the lockdown. Many charities, local and national are working hard to provide food and supplies to vulnerable beneficiaries. Many are struggling with the boredom of having nothing to do. Seclusion can lead to anxiety and depression, having a healthy hobby can help focus your mind, give you a meaningful day and provide you with avenues out of your normal interests. Fortunately – supplying hobby resources to addres social isolation is what we do.

In the since the lockdown began in March 2020 we have supported:

Thank you and everyone at Models for Heroes for this truly touching gesture. It’s never just about the gift but also about the fact that someone out there is thinking about the guys. It is also a boost for the staff as they know only too well that your models will help relax a few who are struggling.

Dr. Hugh Milroy CEO – Veterans Aid.

Not one kit, of course, could be sent without your unwavering support and assistance.