New Ambassador

It would not be MEL-odramatic for us to be over-joyed for our newest Ambassador.

Mel Bose, joins the Ambassador line-up to help support and promote the work of Models for Heroes. A veteran himself, Mel can relate and understand the challenges our bravest have to face. Serving in the Royal Army Medical Corp as a Combat Medical Technician Mel used wargaming as a hobby to relax and unwind.

Recognising the mental health benefits of this hobby Mel began a YouTube channel called “theterraintutor”, teaching and encouraging others to make wargaming terrain from household objects. Over time Mel has attracted a large following and deservedly so, warmly welcoming newcomers and answering questions about the hobby in his own approachable style. Mel’s community of followers are named “Terrainiacs” and enjoy the informative and interactive content that Mel produces.

“Being an ambassador for M4H pulls together everything I’ve being doing in the past but focused in a way where I can help many more people than I could alone.”

Mel is not afraid to challenge the stigma of mental health, often discussing his own experiences in a emotionally genuine way on his YouTube Channel.

Models for Heroes are so pleased to welcome Mel to our organisation and look forward to Mel’s approach, energy and enthusiasm having positive effect on our beneficiaries.