New Ambassador

Long standing supporter of Models for Heroes, Luke Carswell has been appointed as our newest Ambassador. Luke works in Birmingham as a Paramedic and has served Her Majesty’s Armed Forces with the Royal Military Police. Luke is an talented and prolific, all round scale modeller and most recently has found an interest and talent for Warhammer.

I am an avid modeller that found the hobby through adversity caused by PTSD as a result of my Military Service. I cannot put into words the benefits that modelling can have and that I have experienced. Models for Heroes is an amazing charity that brings unquantified health benefits and well-being to people that deserve everything society has to offer to support them through their troubles. I am very proud to be an Ambassador for this phenomenal charity.

Luke Carswell, Former Sgt RMP(SIB), current registered Frontline Paramedic.

Luke has been an acting ambassador for the charity already by always chipping in with his support for us where he can. Models for Heroes will benefit greatly by Luke’s acceptance of the official role and we look forward to seeing Luke waving the flag officially for us, our aims and our bravest.