The Models for Heroes Grants Scheme 

Funding from The Red Arrows Trust will enable M4H to provide additional resources to beneficiaries with physical disabilities and to support ongoing enjoyment and positive mental health of those engaged with our activities.
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  • Who can apply for a grant from Models for Heroes?

M4H has established a miniature grants scheme to support the meaningful activities that improve well being among former and current Armed Forces and Emergency Service personnel.

We support a wide variety of hobby projects such as building specific model kits, improving accessibility with adapted hobby tools and equipment, providing specific resources, allow learning of a new hobby skill, boosting the connection with others by building a diorama as a commemoration or celebration.

  • How do the M4H Grants Team decide which individuals receive a grant?

The specifically chosen Grants Team will consider any grant application that is helping past or present members of the British Armed Forces and Category 1 Local Authority First Responders.

Individuals need to provide a competent proposal of the expected benefits of receiving M4H grant. Grants cannot be used to fund schemes that are for profit, may cause offence, involve toxic of unsafe materials.   The amount of wealth available will decide on who is able to receive a grant.  

  • When does Models for Heroes allocate grants?

The Models for Heroes Grants Team typically meets to discuss the grant applications and allocate funds every two months. 

The team may also accept non-routine applications in exceptional circumstances . Please send an email to to see if the team will consider reviewing a non-routine grant application in your exceptional circumstance.

  • What is the largest Models for Heroes Grant I can ask for?

Grants of any sum up to a maximum of £100 may be awarded.  Models for Heroes has not applied a limit to the number of  bids that an individual can make, preferring to judge each application on its merits.  

If you need further advice, send your questions to


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